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Organic Heirloom Garlic & Shallots for Planting

Shallots Available for Purchase!

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We are proud to share 6 organic garlic varieties this year! From intensely flavored to more mild strains and both hardneck and softneck types. Each garlic seed is unique, delicious and perfectly suited to our Northern climate. All our garlic seed has been grown for several generations in the Finger Lakes of New York, are NON-GMO, grown organically here on our farm, and are heirloom varieties.

How to Grow Gorgeous Garlic & Shallots Organically How to Grow Gorgeous Garlic & Shallots Organically

A lifetime of our lessons learned in gorgeous video tutorials, amplifying your abundance well beyond your garden & garlic.

Available for download within 24 hours
Our Price: $68.00
Organic Garlic Fertilizer Organic Garlic and Shallot Fertilizer

Fruition's custom blend of organic nutrients to grow soil as well as gorgeous bulbs.

Please Note: This product does not ship to Canada
organic dutch red shallot Organic Dutch Red Shallot

handsome, delicious and long-storing

organic french grey shallot Organic French Grey Shallot

sweet, refined flavor: the true shallot

Shallots will be shipped starting mid-September
Our Price: $15.00
Organic Italy Hill Giant Ivory Garlic Seed Organic Italy Hill Giant Ivory (Hardneck)

Our 2018 favorite for pesto, these massive bulbs with massive, easy to peel cloves have rich, full garlic flavor with a depth rarely present in Porcelain varieties.

Organic Chesnok Red Garlic Seed Organic Chesnok Red Garlic (Hardneck)

A favorite in our Great Garlic Tasting of 2015 for its rich garlic flavor and balanced, sweet-heat when cooked. Raw, its intense heat quickly dissipates. Purple Stripe.

Organic German White Garlic Seed Organic German White Garlic (Hardneck)

Rich garlic flavor with lingering heat in 4-6 huge, easy-to-peel cloves. Porcelain.

organic music garlic seed Organic Music Garlic (Hardneck)

Sweet and aromatic, spicy when raw yet balanced when cooked. Easy to grow and so large it is often mistaken for elephant garlic. Porcelai

Organic Red Rezan Garlic Seed Organic Red Rezan Garlic (Hardneck)

With well-rounded garlic flavor and strong aromatic warmth both raw and cooked, we love Red Rezan for the rich depth and heat it brings our pesto. Porcelain. cloves

Organic Regatusso Garlic Seed Organic Regatusso Garlic (Softneck)

Aromatic depth and pleasantly mild without singeing heat, even when raw. Large wagon wheel shaped flat and wide, up to 4" across with beautiful bright purple skins.