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All of our seed is certified organic, open pollinated, and customized to thrive here in the Northeast.
Many crops consistently produce high-quality seed here, though there are several seed crops that are challenging to grow in our climate (carrots, basil, chard for example). Fruition Seeds is developing the techniques needed to produce these seed crops in the Northeast. In the meantime, we are grateful to source 10% of our seed from other organic seed growers in climates more conducive to certain types of seed production. Although this seed is produced outside the Northeast, we offer these varieties because they grow well in our climate. We are confident you’ll enjoy them.

We are pleased to introduce some of these fantastic growers we have the privilege of sourcing seed from:

Jonathan Spero of Lupine Knoll in Williams, Oregon
meadowlark hearth.jpg
Beth and Nathan Corymb of Meadowlark Hearth in Scott’s Bluff, Nebraska
Bill Reynolds of Eel River Produce in Loleta, California

Frank Morton of Wild Garden Seed in Philomath, Oregon

In addition to these growers there are a couple of other seed growers throughout the country that we source our seed from. If you are ever curious to learn please feel free to ask us.

As we continue to improve our approach to producing high quality seed in the Northeast, we look forward to sharing our successes and learning from our failures.
Above all, we are grateful for all our friends and colleagues in agriculture, academia, homesteads and kitchens all across our continent who are sowing the seeds of resilience.