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Custom Collaborator Farms

We work with these partner farms to breed and improve varieties based on each farm's specific market needs. The farm is responsible for all growing requirements: the planting, cultivation, and fertilization. We are responsible for all the selections, breeding, seed harvest, cleaning and germination testing. This results in an abundance of seed for both the farmer to use and for us to share with you.
  • Remembrance Farm, Trumansburg, New York

    Remembrance Farm is a 100-acre Biodynamic vegetable farm located in Trumansburg, New York in the heart of the beautiful Finger Lakes region. Remembrance Farm is owned and operated by Nathaniel and Emily Thompson. They specialize in growing salad greens and root vegetables for sale to local stores and restaurants, as well as to individual households through a cooperative Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program known as the Full Plate Farm Collective.

    Through fastidious attention to the details of production, they have developed a reputation for consistency and high quality in the crops. From the beginning, they chose to specialize in a select few cash crops in order to have the time and attention to grow them well.
    Nathaniel has been growing seed for several years and is now focusing on overwintering greens to develop better adapted and unique varieties of arugula, kale, salad greens, and a variety of mustards.

    See below for the varieties we offer grown by our friends at Remembrance Farm!
    ...look for more coming this summer: red russian kale, arugula, tatsoi, lettuce mix and more.
  • Blue Heron Farm, Lodi, NY

    Lou Johns and Robin Ostfeld, owners of Blue Heron Farm met in the spring of 1978 while working on a blueberry farm in Olympia, Washington. Blue Heron has been certified organic by NOFA-NY Certified Organic LLC since 1987. They are committed to maintaining the health and biodiversity of their farm, and growing the most nutritious and tasty food possible.

    They produce early and late greens, peppers and tomatoes root vegetables, as well as cabbage, onions, garlic and winter squash.

    We are super excited to be working on a number of crops with them, including tomatoes, parsley root, chard, and cabbage.

    More updates and details of our collaboration to come as the season unfolds.

    Please visit their website

  • Italy Hill Produce, Branchport, NY

    Farm profile and more details to come of our custom collaborations with Jon and Caroline of Italy Hill Produce in Branchport, NY