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High Mowing Organic Seeds, in Walcott, Vermont produces over 60 varieties of seed planted on 12 acres each year on their farm. For 18 years they have been selecting for the best strains, resulting in improvements of these varieties. With a damp climate, short growing season and long, cold winters, there are only certain seed crops they can produce that meet their quality and production standards. These crops include: annual brassicas (mustards, pac choy, asian greens, radishes, etc) cucurbits (squash, pumpkins, melons, cucumbers), solanaceaous crops (tomatoes, peppers) and a few others.

See below for all of the varieties we offer grown by our friends at High Mowing!

Organic Green Finger Cucumber Organic Green Finger Cucumber

Delicious with lusciously smooth skin & Powdery Mildew resistance.

Organic National Pickling Cucumber Organic National Pickling Cucumber

Prolific, blunt-ended fruits average six inches and are perfect for pickles and salads.

Organic Fisher's Earliest Corn Organic Fisher's Earliest Corn

A yellow sweet corn originally developed to mature in short Montana summers! Now adapted to the Northeast.

Organic Watermelon Radish Organic Watermelon Radish

Massive, crisp, marvelously juicy and, grown well, so sweet without any radish heat.

Organic Tokyo Market Salad Turnip Organic Tokyo Market Salad Turnip

Sweet, petite, juicy and mild: these are not your average turnips!

Organic Jack Straw Pumpkin Organic Jack Straw Pumpkin

Classic Jack O’ Lantern with a smooth oblong shape.