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Our Story of Fruition (The Nutshell)
by Petra Page-Mann

Matthew and I were once content, small-scale organic growers unaware that often the seeds we planted supported values that did not align with our own.

In 2012 we founded Fruition Seeds in response to our deepest desires both personal and political, practical and poetic.

My highest priority is to cultivate, share and inspire abundance in all forms; for years it has been my dream to spend my days growing organic, regionally adapted seed in and for the place that I call home.

I first became enamored with seed as a child in my father's garden, witnessing the miracle of seed, sun and soil that sustained us all through the seasons. For the last decade, my love of travel has led me far and wide, soaking up the wisdom of small scale, ecological agriculture and saving seeds as I went. Working for seed companies on both coasts, on homesteads and for a multinational seed company, I developed the skills, commitment and vision to revitalize our regional seed supply here in the Northeast.

I am grateful to be back in my beautiful hometown with my beloved partner Matthew Goldfarb, growing organic seed.

Prior to understanding the full impact of the seed crisis on national and global levels, Matthew was asking questions on his own farm. As his skills grew, so too did his awareness of the lack of regional seed, the limited transparency of who grows seed, and the rapid concentration of seed controlled by a few.

Matthew has been committed to sustainable agriculture since the early 1990s. He began his career in farm-based education and sustainable food production and distribution systems in 1994. Since then he has studied and worked within this field in a number of positions including: the design and management of diversified farms, consulting work with farms and farm-education organizations, conducting small farms research at Cornell, teaching high school biology and agriculture, academic work in Rural Sociology, and completing his MBA from Babson College with a focus on entrepreneurship and creativity.

With vast experience, research and positive feedback from industry, Cornell University, farmers and backyard growers, Matthew and I decided to move forward with Fruition Seeds.

Will Bonsall, the Director of the Scatterseed Project in Maine, said it best:

“We like to hire everything out: mowing the lawn, fixing the deck. But some things are too compelling and too important to leave to the professionals, like tucking in our children at night. Everything related to food, and especially the seed, must be seen in this light.”

It is our privilege and pleasure to grow seed and to build a network of phenomenal organic seed growers in our region.