Organic Valerian

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Perennial 48-78 inches tall root harvest in second fall Valeriana officinalis

A deeply medicinal hardy perennial, Valerian is beloved by people and pollinators alike. Clouds of sweet and etheric creamy pink flowers float atop 4+ foot tall stalks late June through July. Hailing from Eurasia, valerian thrives in most soils and, once established, minimal care. Their potent medicinal roots are harvestable in the second autumn, commonly infused as tea or tinctured. Though the smell of Valerian root is largely considered unpleasant by humxns, cats are equally delighted by freshly dug Valerian root and catnip…and now you know!


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Organic Valerian

When to sow (Transplant only): 6-8 weeks before final frost

Sowing and seedling care: sow 2 seeds per soil block/cell, bottom-water to avoid displaced seed. Thin to one. transfer to larger pot with first true leaves (which won’t look anything like mature valerian, it’s true!). Harden off seedlings (reduce water & temp 3-7 days) & transplant after frost. Weed & water well; mulch to reduce weed & watering pressure.

Seeding Depth: barely cover (light needed for germination)
Full/Part Sun      Days to Germination: 7-21 days at 65-68°F
Plant spacing after thinning: 12-18 inches.
Days to Flower: 60-70

Days to Root Harvest: ~500     Height: 4-6 feet

Harvest: Second year autumn roots are deeply medicinal.

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