Organic Fisher’s Earliest Corn

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70 days to maturity Zea maize

A yellow sweet corn selected for the last 60+ years to mature in Montana summers, Organic Fisher’s Earliest Corn is now grown by our friends in northern Vermont at High Mowing Organic Seeds. Her brilliant yellow ears average six inches, typically one per multi-colored stalk, 5-6 foot high.

Now, let’s talk flavor! If you’re looking for sticky sweet corn, as most America craves, you’re likely going to love Double Standard on your plate; if you’re looking for the earth and heaven of rich, savory corn flavor and luscious sweet, Fisher’s earliest will not disappoint you. All Fruition’s sweet corn varieties grow similarly sized 8″ ears, larger or smaller depending on fertility.

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Organic Fisher’s Earliest Corn

Planting Method: Direct Sow Only

When to sow: Once soil temperatures are 65°F (mid-May to mid June). Successively plant every 1-2 weeks to extend your harvest window.

Sowing and seedling care: Sow 6” apart (or 2 every 12”), and watch out for crows who like to eat germinating corn! For well-filled ears, sow in blocks rather than rows. 

Seed Depth:  3/4 – 1 inch    Sun Needs: Full

Days to Germination: 4-7 at 65°F

Spacing after thinning: 12 inches; rows 30-36″ apart

Days to Harvest: 70

Height: 6 feet

Harvest: Harvest when ear silks are dry & brown, 18-24 days past silk emergence.

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