Organic Unexpected Revelations Baby & Popcorn v.1

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62-70 for baby corn harvest 105-115 for popcorn Zea mays

Scrumptious baby corn as well as spectacular popcorn, we often harvest 8 to 12 ears of lusciously tender and sweet baby corn. Utterly unexpected and such a revelation compared to anything frozen or in can, hence the name…! and if we miss their baby corn stage, each ear matures into gorgeous popcorn, easily maturing even in short seasons.

Delectable diversity: Unexpected Revelations v.1 is part of Fruition’s See(d)ing the Change project, as are YOU! Together, we are sowing the world we dream of, where deliciousness and diversity are embraced, amplifying the beauty and abundance that is resistance as well as resilience. Learn more here!

Each plant of Unexpected Revelations v.1, like each of us, is a unique expression of deliciously never-before-seen corn! A cross of three varieties of baby and popcorn, Organic Unexpected Revelations is a delicious bridge moving beyond the industrial, fixed-trait plant expectations of our time. Unexpected Revelations v.1 (as in version 1!) is the first generation of the cross with many, many more to come! We save their seeds — so can you, we hope you do! — and so can your great-great-great grandchildren, too ~

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1 review for Organic Unexpected Revelations Baby & Popcorn v.1

  1. Jen (verified owner)

    Love the color variety in this corn — we didn’t manage to catch any in the baby stage, but we got a decent harvest of popcorn in a wide variety of dark blues, reds and yellows. It would be great to grow as a decorative corn that could then be repurposed as popcorn (I grew Glass Gem corn last year and although it is GORGEOUS, the process of nixtimalization and grinding to make it a usable foodstuff after being used as a decoration is a lot. I think I prefer popcorn). Still needs to dry more so I can’t vouch for its popping potential yet.

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Organic Unexpected Revelations Baby & Popcorn

Planting Method: Direct Sow Only

When to sow: Once soil temperatures are at least 65°F (mid-May to mid June) — seeds will rot in cooler temps. Successively plant every 1-2 weeks to extend your harvest window.

Sowing and seedling care: Sow 6” apart (or 2 every 12”), and watch out for crows who like to eat germinating corn! For well-filled ears, sow in blocks rather than rows. Resist removing side-stalk ’tillers’ from this variety as they often produce 3-4 ears per stalk.

Seed Depth:  3/4 – 1 inch    Sun Needs: Full

Days to Germination: 4-7 days at 75°F; 10 at 65°F

Spacing after thinning: 12 inches; rows 30-36″ apart

Days to Harvest: 62-70 for baby corn harvest; 105-115 for popcorn

Height: 6 feet

Harvest: For baby corn, harvest just before/as silks are emerging on the ears. For popcorn harvest when ears and stalks turn golden brown in fall.

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