Organic Hyacinth Bean

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Indeterminate 60 days to flower, 70 to pod Lablab purpureus

HEIRLOOM We first fell in love with Hyacinth Bean visiting Roger Swain in New Hampshire, where her vivid vines, flowers & pods were spiraling 20+ feet up his gorgeous stone home. Also known as Bonavist or Lablab bean, he graciously sent us home with a handful of seeds we harvested together and we fall in love again and again as her burgundy vines flourish each season, even resisting the first light frosts.

The entire plant is technically edible, though the only part of Hyacinth bean we enjoy are the delectably tender violet flowers which we toss salads & desserts. Their glossy magenta pods are quite tough & their seeds require soaking; they are commonly enjoyed in Asian, Thai & Indian cooking. Both blooms & pods are used as cut flowers; the pods may be dried for arrangements, as well.

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Organic Hyacinth Bean

Indeterminate 60 days to flower, 70 to pod Lablab purpureus



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  1. jady handal

    Are these perennial?
    Do they reseed themselves? IE can they become invasive?

    Birds eat poison Ivy and Poke weed seeds and the next thing you know it’s all over … this could be a problem on a tree farm!

    • Matthew Goldfarb

      We have not had them reseat themselves on our farm.

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Organic Hyacinth Bean

Direct Sow Only: Once soil is warm & frost danger has passed, sow every 4 inches along a fence or 3 seeds per pole for a teepee. Trellis at least 7’ high with the strongest materials you can find. They will easily scale 20+ feet if you help them!

Sowing Date: After frost; late May – early June
Seed Depth: 1 inch
Days to Germination: 8-10 days at 70-80 F
Days to Maturity: 60 days to flower, 70 to pod
Plant spacing after thinning: 5-6 inches
Height: 8+ feet

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