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Organic Mad Dog Skullcap
Organic Mad Dog Skullcap

Native perennial thriving in partial shade.

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Organic Mad Dog (Official) Skullcap
A gorgeous perennial native to North America, Skullcap is medicinally revered for its nervine qualities. Both calming and strengthening the nervous system, herbalists use the flowering tops of Skullcap daily in tea or tincture. The ‘official’ species of Skullcap is also called ‘Mad Dog’ for its use a traditional folk remedy for rabies.

Skullcap prefers fertile, most soil and thrives in both part shade and full sun. Enjoy its exquisite blue flowers on delicate 2 foot plants. It is a reliable perennial to Zone 4.
100 days to maturity (from transplant)
Scutellaria lateriflora
Planting: Direct sow in fall or start indoors in spring 6-8 weeks before last frost. ‘Cold Stratify’ by tucking seeds in moist paper towels in plastic bags in the fridge for 4 weeks before planting. Seeds require light to germinate, so press the seeds into the soil and leave uncovered. Thin or transplant with 6 inches between plants; they will thrive in both full sun and partial shade. Be sure to keep the soil moist throughout the season and harvest the flowering tops for medicine. Skullcap spreads best by stolons underground so keep the bed well weeded for a vibrant bed of Skullcap for years to come.
Seed Saving: Watch the plant carefully as the flowers turn into seed heads. Harvest once seed is dry and hard.

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