Organic Popping Sorghum ‘Allu Jola’

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90-100 days to harvest 6-8' tall Sorghum bicolor

HEIRLOOM If you’ve never tasted popped sorghum, imagine the richest, most nutty popcorn you’ve ever tasted, melting in your mouth even as you crunch…our entire team lost our minds this fall with this delectable revelation! The popped grains are about as large as a grain of classic popcorn, easier to grow and thresh compared to popcorn as well as more abundant and earlier to mature.

Hailed as the most pop-able sorghum, this sorghum strain is beloved in India where it is also ground and cooked whole. A ‘dry’ sorghum not ideal for syrup, we love to trellis pole beans on this sorghum, before we harvest the large, gorgeous seedheads. Even as a dramatic ornamental, this sorghum holds its own! We are grateful for the Experimental Farm Network for sharing this incredible seed with us all.

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Organic Popping Sorghum

Planting Method: Direct Sow Only

When to sow: After last frost

Sowing and seedling care: Sow every six inches, or 2 every 12 inches, thinning to 1 per foot. Crows often eat germinating corn and sorghum, so be prepared to dissuade them! And don’t skimp on fertility, friends.

Seed Depth: 1/2 inch         Sun Needs: Full

Days to Germination: 7 days in 75°F (24°C);seed rots in soil cooler than 60°F (16°F)

Spacing after thinning: 1 foot; rows 30-36” apart

Days to Harvest: 90-100

Height: 6-7 feet

Harvest: Harvest in fall when stalk & seedheads (called panicles, isn’t that lovely?!) are gold, drying down and when seeds are becoming hard. If your fingernail pressed into a seed leaves in imprint, your sorghum is still maturing.

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