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Seckel Heirloom Semi-Dwarf European Pear Tree

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Fresh Eating and Storage! Ripens Early to Mid September in NY Hardy to Zone 4 Mature Ht 12-18 ft No Staking Required!

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Also called Sugar or Honey Pears, Seckle pears are scrumptious as well as one of the easiest pears to grow thanks to their impressive spectrum of disease resistance, including moderate resistance to fireblight. Seckel pears are small, tucking right into your palm before they melt in your mouth with a lusciously sweet ‘spice’ hinting of nutmeg and clove. Possibly originating in the Philadelphia PA area in the late 1700’s or early 1800’s, Seckel is the Pear to which the flavor of all other Pears is measured! Seckel Heirloom Pear trees are 2-year old, non-organic, bare-root nursery stock, resistant to Fireblight, Collar Rot, Wooly Pear Aphid & Pear Decline. And Friends! This variety needs another European Pear variety nearby for pollination.

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Plant semi-dwarf European pear trees 15’ to 18’ Apart.

Storing Pears for Future Indulgence: And did you know you can prolong your Pear enjoyment?? Some Pears can keep off the tree in storage! Seckel Pear can be picked firm and stored in your fridge for up to 1 to 2 months. Any cold root cellar that stores Apples well can also store Pears, and maybe better than your fridge. The key is to store Pears one layer deep in trays, and to keep checking them every week (or whenever you have a hankering for a Pear!). Remove from the fridge or root cellar as desired, and give them 3 to 7 days to become buttery and rich. Note some will ripen while in storage; eat of course and leave the rest to keep!

In the “old days”, a fruit house or cellar kept Pears like Seckel up to 3 months after harvest. Nowadays, controlled temperature storage at commercial orchards serves that purpose…unless “pear-chance” you have an insulated ice-house!

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