Fruition’s Seed Starting Deluxe Kit

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Light Light Stand Heat Mat Soil Starter Mix 3 Tray Sets 50 peat pots 30 plastic pots Book

Starting your own seeds can be intimidating. Cultivating thriving seedlings is both art and science. Here are the tools to keep it simple and surround you with abundance for seasons to come!

Fruition’s Seed Starting Deluxe Kit includes:

  • 17-inch full-spectrum LED light (includes a timer for automation)
  • Light stand
  • Heat mat for seedlings (perfect size for one tray)
  • Fruition’s DIY potting mix minerals (makes 80 quarts of high-quality potting mix)
  • 3 draining top trays (10″ wide, 20″ long plastic)
  • 3 solid bottom trays (10″ wide, 20″ long plastic)
  • (50) 1.25″ biodegradable peat pots (that perfectly fit in one tray)
  • (12) 6-pack containers (that perfectly fit in one tray)
  • (18) plastic 4″ pots (that perfectly fit in one tray)
  • Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease (our 40-page seed starting book)

With tools to last years and techniques to last a lifetime, we’re honored to grow with you in this and seasons to come!

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  1. GK (verified owner)

    I’m very happy with this kit. Tatsoi & cuke sprouts were visible in just 2 days. After having a very jumbled system last year with mediocre lighting & leggy seedlings, it’s fantastic to know this year’s plants have a strong start.

    • Heather

      YaaHOooooo! So glad to hear that this season is off to a great start! Don’t hesitate to reach out anytime and wishing your baskets full with greens and cukes :)- Heather & The Fruition Team

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