Smart Pot Fabric Containers

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Set of 2

Container gardening made easy! We love these fabric containers for their durability, ease of handling and extraordinary capacity to grow abundant plants. Made in the US, these containers come in two sizes as well as two colors. We share these containers in sets of two. Here’s what we grow in each size:

~ 10 Gallons ~
bush and pole beans, dwarf tomatoes, peppers, peanuts, broccoli, bush cucumbers, eggplant, bush sunflowers, dwarf dahlias, culinary herbs, microgreens, calendula, dwarf marigolds, nasturtium.
Footprint: 16″ base X 11.5″ height.

~ 15 Gallons ~
tomatoes, zucchini, ginger, winter squash, melons, cucumbers, potatoes, semi-dwarf and full-size dahlias, sunflowers, culinary herbs, microgreens, calendula, dwarf marigolds, nasturtium!
Footprint: 18″ base X 13.5″ height.

And did you see we share 6′ fabric raised beds, as well? They’re awesome & easy to use, you’ll enjoy them for years!

Size Price Quantity# Availability
10 Gallons - Black Set $27 In stock
10 Gallons - Green Set $27 In stock
15 Gallons - Green Set $32 Out of Stock

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15 Gallons - Black Set $32 Out of Stock

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1 review for Smart Pot Fabric Containers

  1. lindsey0009

    Love my fabric containers. I’m growing tomatoes (sweet one hundreds) in them and they are doing great.

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Pro Tip: One of the keys to container gardening is this: Bigger is better and more is more! Which is to say, the bigger containers will grow healthier plants over the course of the season and don’t skimp on the soil. Pull out the stops so your plants will never be stressed for the finite nutrients they have access to. As you fill your containers, amend your soil so your plants can thrive with abundant nutrients all season. Our go-to fertility is our Organic Fertilizer Blend for sustained fertility throughout the season; we also spray our Organic Fish & Kelp Emulsion every two weeks to boost our abundance that much more. We share step-by-step instructions with fun video tutorials in our free 8 Keys of Container Gardening Mini-Course!

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