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Free U-Pick Daffodils for Generations to Come!

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Can You Imagine

the ocean of yellow and cream? We’ve planted over 3000 daffodil bulbs, dozens of glorious varieties, growing a free ocean of u-pick blooms to share with you and with us all for generations to come.

This vision was inspired by our dear Friend, long-time mentor & daffodil lover, Marty Dodge, who the patch is dedicated to…

…as well as future generations of all species whose imagination will bloom in ways we cannot yet imagine…

…and you!

~ bring a vase and see you at Garden Store! ~

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Come visit next spring!

~ let us count the ways ~

Fruition’s Garden Store is open on weekends in April and May between 10 & 2, sharing organic seeds, gorgeous transplants, scoop-your-own compost, heat mats, soil blockers and everything you need to fill your garden with abundance. Bring a vase to u-pick your own daffodils and drink in the 7 murals on the farm, as well! Here is the tiniest slice of Kim Torpey’s:

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We also share hands-on workshops and, if you’re dreaming of fruit for generations to come, don’t miss Fruition’s

2023 Fruit & Nut Tree Weekends

Spring 2023: On April 29 & 30 + May 6 & 7 between 10a & 2p, You’ll find deliciously disease-resistant heirloom apples and pears, pawpaws, northern hardy cherries, peaches, plums, chestnuts, walnuts, mulberries and grapes (here are the delectable details!) as well as hands-on tree workshops each of those days, stay tuned and hooray! All our bare-root fruit and nut trees are first-come, first-served so come early.

~ we love to share what we love & look so forward to sharing our abundance with you ~

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This is a tiny slice of Kim Torpey’s exquisite mural of the four seasons you’ll see at Fruition’s Garden Store in spring!

And apple growers: We plant a circle of daffodils around each of our apple trees to deter the voles from tunneling toward their trunks, HOORAY! Imagine bright new apple leaves leaves emerging over a fountain of yellow!

~ learn more about apples & daffodils in our free online tree course and other apple resources here ~

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

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& the whole Fruition crew


Thanks for being why we do what we do & can’t wait to see you here on the farm one day!

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2 thoughts on “Free U-Pick Daffodils for Generations to Come!

  1. I lived in Elmira, NY for 10 years, and BOY is my hat off to you all for creating and providing such a successful farming/gardening business in that climate. I used to say that Elmira has two seasons: winter and fourth of July! And, as I recall the sun didn’t shine much, either. A gardening manager friend of mine here in Rumson, NJ (who met Petra, BTW) advised that I check out your website and here I am, spending a Sunday afternoon in absolute bliss! I want the weekly newsletters, the blogs, the seeds, the fertilizers – I want it all! By the time I am ready to place my order in the next few weeks, I will be so smart, I will not be able to stand myself!

    I love your holistic and human approach to farming and look forward to being one of your biggest fans in the future. Thank you, Bonnie Featherstone Johnson

    1. Thank you Bonnie for joining the Fruition Family this year! We’re so happy to have you here and hope it was an abundant season where you also learned a lot! -Sylvia and the rest of the Fruition Crew

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