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U-Pick Daffodils for Generations to Come!

800 x 400 daffodil

Local Loves! Join us Sunday, December 5th between 10 & 1, for a daffodil planting party! 

And bring home a handful of bulbs to plant outside your door ~

Can You Imagine

the ocean of yellow? We’re planting 3000 daffodil bulbs (of so many different varieties!) at the farm (7921 Hickory Bottom Road in Naples) to create a free ocean of u-pick blooms to share with us all well beyond our lifetimes ~

This vision was inspired by our dear Friend, long-time mentor & daffodil lover, Marty Dodge, who we’re dedicating this patch to…

…as well as future generations of all species whose imagination will bloom in ways we cannot yet imagine…

…and you!

Come become with us!

800 x 400 daffodil 1

Crucial Notes for Joining Us!

Bring everything you need to be warm outside! Bring your own hot tea, snacks, gloves & trowel — we don’t have a public restroom in COVID times and if you feel most comfortable, don’t hold back from wearing a mask! I will be hugging by doing a silly dance at a distance, so please bring a silly dance for me! And feel the love! We are adaptable, brilliant & beautiful! Let’s dance about it <3 

And apple growers: This afternoon we’ll also be planting a circle of daffodils around each of the apple trees we just planted (so much more to share!) to deter the voles from tunneling toward their trunks, HOORAY! Can you imagine? A young orchard in spring? Bright leaves emerging over a fountain of yellow

Come visit next spring!

~ let us count the ways ~

We’ll be open Saturday & Sunday between 10 & 2 throughout April & May, swing by to see the murals, scoop up seeds, buckets of compost & bring an empty vase…!

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

image 7

& the whole Fruition crew


If you’d love to learn more about apples, hop into our many blogs below and stay tuned for our upcoming webinars, on-farm events and a step-by-step course, Organic Apples & Orcharding!

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and you’ll always find our organic bare root apple trees here

800 x 400 daffodil 2

2 thoughts on “U-Pick Daffodils for Generations to Come!

  1. I lived in Elmira, NY for 10 years, and BOY is my hat off to you all for creating and providing such a successful farming/gardening business in that climate. I used to say that Elmira has two seasons: winter and fourth of July! And, as I recall the sun didn’t shine much, either. A gardening manager friend of mine here in Rumson, NJ (who met Petra, BTW) advised that I check out your website and here I am, spending a Sunday afternoon in absolute bliss! I want the weekly newsletters, the blogs, the seeds, the fertilizers – I want it all! By the time I am ready to place my order in the next few weeks, I will be so smart, I will not be able to stand myself!

    I love your holistic and human approach to farming and look forward to being one of your biggest fans in the future. Thank you, Bonnie Featherstone Johnson

    1. Thank you Bonnie for joining the Fruition Family this year! We’re so happy to have you here and hope it was an abundant season where you also learned a lot! -Sylvia and the rest of the Fruition Crew

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