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Meet the Growers of Fruition’s Seed!

Friends, when you come visit the farm one day, you’ll see: We grow seeds. Acres of gorgeous organic seeds, brilliantly co-adapting alongside us…

…and we’re not alone!

800 x 400 team

Did you know? As ‘distributors,’ most seed companies do not grow their own seeds (Trader Joes doesn’t have a farm behind each store, lol!) and Fruition is honored to share extraordinary organic seeds grown by our friends alongside our own. We sometimes ask for particular varieties to be grown though we usually simply encourage folx to grow and share what they love! We’re eager to share more of their stories, stay tuned for more, and though each year the percentage shifts, in 2022 about 60% of our seed is grown at Fruition with most other seeds being grown by:

Nathaniel Thompson

Remembrance Biodynamic Farm | Trumansburg, New York | cabbage, winter squash, melon

800 x 400 remembrance nathaniel

Carly Basinger

Riverside Farm | Cape Vincent, New York  | corn, beans, pepper

800 x 400 carly

Matthew Glenn & Liz Martin 

Muddy Fingers Farm | Hector, New York |  edamame, peppers, flowers, lettuce

800 x 400 muddy fingers

Marie-Claude Comeau

Radicle Farm | Quebec, Canada | flowers, beans, squash, cucumbers, pepper

learn more about Marie-Claude here!

800 x 400 marie claude 1

Roberta Bailey 

Seven Tree Farm |   Warren, Maine |   herbs, beets

800 x 400 roberta

Kim Delaney

Hawthorn Seeds | Palmerston, Ontario, Canada  |  flowers

800 x 400 kim

Kurtis Funke & C.D. Whitworth 

CDK Farms | Caldwell, Idaho | flowers 

Jon Hunt

Greener Pastures | Branchport, NY | Italy Hill Giant Ivory garlic, compost

800 x 400 garlic

Heron Breen

Saint Albans, Maine | garlic

800 x 400 heron apple tree

Ed Fraser

Fraser Garlic Farm | Churchville, NY | garlic

800 x 400 ed

Cacia Huff

Feral Farm | Applegate, Oregon | peppers, flowers, lettuce, squash

800 x 400 cacia 3

Louisa Brouwer

Ferry Boat Seeds | San Juan Islands, Washington | flowers, lettuce

800 x 400 louisa

Karl Sutton

Haystack Farm | Montana  |  flowers, beets, pumpkin

Anaka Mines

Twisp River Seed | Twisp Washington  | beans, flowers, herbs

800 x 400 anaka

Sorren & Gina

Open Circle Seeds | Potter Valley, California |  melon, herbs

Organic Farm School

Clinton, Washington  |  radish, carrot

800 x 400 farm school

Beth Rasgorshek 

Canyon Bounty Farm | Nampa, Idaho  | peppers, melon

800 x 400 beth

Ben Yohai and Kristina Porter

Wandering Fields | Jacksonville, Oregon | flowers, radish 

Dana Rasmussen

Fellowship Farm | Paul, Idaho | pea, bean

800 x 400 dana pea

We’ve shared seeds from other folx in the past and certainly more in the future! And Friends, we feel especially aware of the whiteness of our seed community and are hungry to cultivate greater diversity, care and possibility, in all the ways. We’re so committed to welcoming anyone drawn to seedwork into our world, don’t be shy ~

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

image 7

& the whole Fruition crew

2 thoughts on “Meet the Growers of Fruition’s Seed!

  1. I had NO idea your circle of farmers and seed savers was so extensive. Thank you for sharing all this info and happy (hopefully) bountiful fall to all of you!

    1. Janice! Thanks for being a part of the Fruition community and for being the reason why we do what we do. – Melissa and the whole Fruition Crew

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