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Fruition Seeds' farm & mailbox you'll find at 7921 Hickory Bottom Road in Naples, New York, 14512. We hope to see you here one day! Our Seed Store every Saturday in the spring is a perfect time :)

We cultivate over 300 varieties of certified organic vegetables, herbs and flowers to surround you with beauty and abundance. Outstanding flavor drives our passion for seed saving. We also select our varieties for early maturity, productivity and disease resistance here in the short seasons of the Northeast so you and your garden will thrive in every season. Visit our Plant Now! Guide and sign up for our monthly organic gardening newsletter for garden hints, fun how-to videos, invitations to our events and exclusive seasonal offerings. Our non-GMO seeds may be saved, as heirlooms, for all generations to come. You'll find seed saving information along with each variety and don't hesitate to write us with anytime with any questions. We also collaborate extensively with farmers, chefs, universities & food banks to build a robust regional food system from the ground up, a model ever-evolving to serve and inspire resilience for all.

Fruition Seeds manages over 25 acres on three farms, each one tucked in an isolated field to maintain genetic purity. We cultivate seed crops on less than a quarter of our land each season, raising cover crops on the rest to build fertility and minimize our disease pressure. We are fortunate to grow on some of the richest soil in the state and we strive to build these soils with every season.

I (Petra) grew up in Naples (a town with no traffic light and hillsides covered in grapes), saving seed in my Father's garden. For a decade I traveled the world saving seed, studying sustainable agriculture and singing songs. After working for both a small-scale organic seed grower as well as one of the largest seed companies in the world, I started Fruition Seeds in 2012 with my partner Matthew Goldfarb, who has been in agriculture for over 20 years. Matthew grew up in Connecticut and also traveled extensively studying agriculture before receiving an MBA from Babson. Dandy Rich has been with us since 2014, bringing her passion for seed, song and outdoor education. In 2016, Chelsea Reinhart joined us as well, bringing her love of food, farming and organization to Fruition.

And of course! Fruition Seeds would not be the same without Pancho and Davi, our miniature Australian Shepherds, who constantly remind us to play, laugh, love and nap.