Microgreens Made Easy Micro-Course

Let’s Grow Microgreens Together!

Microgreens save us each winter, making the darkest months more delicious with luscious greens. Often harvested ten days after they’re sown, microgreens may be the closest thing to instant gratification in our gardens! Here are the keys to surround you with microgreen abundance even in the depths of winter:

  • the best soils and seeds for microgreens
  • step-by-step instructions to set you up for success
  • tips for optimizing germination
  • easy solutions to common mistakes so you can grow with confidence

We’re always learning so we’re always adding more tutorials, as well. Let’s dig in…

Course Content

Welcome to Fruition’s Microgreens Micro-Course!
Microgreens are Easy, Right? Yes, And
Fruition’s Microgreens Time Lapse!
Quick vs Slow Microgreens: What You Need to Know
Key Growing Conditions for Microgreens at Home
How to Sow Microgreens: A Sweeping Overview!
How to Sow Microgreens (Plus My Favorite Little Tip!)
Optimizing Germination (Makes All the Difference)
Sunflower Microgreens: Here’s the Secret!
Watering Keys for Microgreens
Keys to Prevent Damping Off
When To Harvest Microgreens (is Deceptively Simple)
Keys for Re-Using Microgreens Soil
How Long Do Microgreens Store?
Common Mistakes + Easy Solutions
Where We Go From Here…!