Composting with Confidence Mini-Course

Let’s Get Composting!

To help you cultivate the knowledge and confidence you’ll need to create your own compost with ease, enjoy:

  • Diverse approaches to building and maintaining an effective compost with ease, setting yourself up for success whether you’ve just begun or have composted for generations.
  • Strategies to optimize and utilize compost in all seasons.
  • An opossum story and how you can avoid the most common compost mistakes.

Whether you’ve composted for years or are only just beginning, I’m confident we’ll grow more abundant lives as well as glorious compost together! Let’s dig in…

Course Content

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There is a Season (Turn, Turn, Turn) 5 Topics
Compost Made Easy 8 Topics
Optimizing Your Compost 6 Topics
When We Come to the End 4 Topics