Compost with Confidence: A Bird’s Eye View of Where We’re Going

I am so excited to share with you all these little nuggets of composting wisdom. And I basically my goal is just to save you time and money and heartache sharing all of my successes and failures over the years so that you can do it better than I could right from the start. So I’m excited to share with you of course, how to build a compost pile, what goes in what doesn’t, some of the other things to keep all the options you have in constructing them, and how to turn them most effectively, which sounds obvious, but there’s some beautiful nuances. I cannot wait to share how to tell when your compost is done, as well as troubleshooting common mistakes composting in the middle of winter, and I have some fun stories for you as well including one of my favorites about a possum. So I am so delighted that you’ve reached out and that you’re part of our composting mini course and let’s dig in, even if it’s the middle of winter