Why We Love Compost (and Let’s Dig IN!)

 Making compost is such fun and it’s such a privilege. And just like painting, you can paint when you’re a five year old and you will strive your whole life to be Van Gogh, and you just won’t be. But don’t judge yourself. Having extraordinary compost is not that hard, and you’ll spend the rest of your life perfecting your techniques. But here’s a few things. I’m so excited to share everything that I’ve learned about composting over the years. But this is just our general the reasons why I love to compost first and foremost, it’s just the most incredible fertility that you can be making in your own garden in your own home. That will further the abundance for years to come. So yes, I love that soil building aspect of compost. And I love that it’s turning a waste stream into an actual like benefit for my home instead of this thing that shipped off to a landfill. I just learned recently that apparently about 30% of what’s shipped to landfills could in fact be composted. And it’s just so sad that it’s not so it’s one of the easiest ways that we can reduce our carbon footprints on our planet is just to be composting our materials. I also love composting because it engages me in the process of my garden from year to year so much more deeply. And just like kombucha, and yogurt and other probiotic foods are so good for us this is not just nutrients, it’s not just NPK that you can spray in your garden. This is living glorious gold in your hands that will actually be creating a more dynamic, robust ecosystem for your plants to live in. That will translate to your abundance as well. There are so many reasons to compost. There’s so many ways to compost I’m so excited to share more. But wherever you are on your composting journey, that you’re in the perfect place to jump on and move forward and learn some new tricks and here we go.