Welcome to Flourish Garden Club!

“Petra’s personal guidance makes you feel Flourish was created just for you!”

~ Adam

New York

Frequently Asked Questions

​How much is Flourish Garden Club? Flourish is just $8 a month!

Can I come and go at any time? Yes! Join anytime and cancel your membership anytime.

Fruition has so many publicly available videos, what makes Flourish unique? You’ll have access to hundreds of exclusive video tutorials expanding both the breadth and depth of what we already share publicly and we’re adding more tutorials all the time!

Beyond videos, what makes Flourish special? You’ll be invited to join our Flourish Forum where hundreds of gardeners are asking questions and sharing struggles as well as celebrations! We also share live monthly Q & Q (because good questions lead to deeper questions!) just for our Flourish Family.

How is Flourish delivered? Each week you’ll find exclusive tutorials and resources right in your inbox, stay tuned!

Together, Let’s Flourish!
"I have used organic practices in my home garden for the past 38 years and yet I am constantly learning new information through Flourish videos, community and especially Garden Club Q & A sessions. As a retired research biologist, I commend Petra for her science-based information. There are so many gardening myths on the web and in social media, its great to know where to go for real answers."
~ Elaine
Rhode Island
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