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Fruition’s Many Fruit & Nut Growing Resources: Start Here!

If growing your own fruit and nuts sounds dreamy as well as daunting, we agree! And you’re not alone, Friends.

Fruit & Nut Growing Resources:

Fruition’s current online tree growing resources are focused on Apple Trees however Pears, Plums, Peaches, Apricots and Cherries require much the same site choice, planting, and basic care considerations. Here’s a few of our own resources (for the full list of Fruition’s Apple Growing Resources, see below!) and resources we trust:

Fruition’s (Apple) Tree Growing Guide

Fruition’s Free Organic Orcharding Course

Fruition’s pre-recorded Fruit Q & Qs Webinar Library

New England Tree Fruit Management Guide

Cornell’s Guide to Growing Fruit at Home

Cornell’s Tree Fruit Resources 

all books by the late Michael Phillips

Apple Growing Resources

All resources above and…

The Holistic Orchard and The Apple Grower are fabulous books by Michael Phillips.

Books listed on The Holistic Orchard Network

A Grower’s Guide to Organic Apples from Cornell

Other Fruit & Nut Growing Resources

Elderberry: University of Vermont

Elderberry Transplant Instructions: Fruition’s Elderberries come potted. Allow your elderberry to root in the pot, keeping it well watered, until July then transplant in its final location.

Figs: Penn State Extension

Fig Transplant Instructions: Fruition’s Figs come potted. Transplant your fig tree in its final location soon after you get it home, keeping it well watered until then.

Grapes: Cornell Cooperative Extension

Mulberry: Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Association

PawPaws: Cornell Cooperative Extension

Pawpaw Transplant Instructions: Some of Fruition’s Pawpaws come potted while other are bare root seedlings. Transplant your potted pawpaw trees in their final location soon after you get them home, keeping them well watered until then.

Chinese Chestnut: Arnold Arboretum

Hazelnut: CornellForestConnect

Northern Hardy Pecan: Society of Ontario Nut Growers

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Fruition’s Apple Growing Resources

For our most detailed video tutorials, hop into our free online course, Apples & Organic Orcharding. You’ll also find our step-by-step guide to tree planting (with lots of photos!) in Fruition’s free Growing Library. And dive into Fruition’s pre-recorded Fruit Q & Qs Webinar Library (questions dig deeper than answers!) where we explore the most common apple tree growing questions from our community. Here is a list of our blogs in a sweet progression to help surround you with abundance for generations to come:

Choosing Varieties:

How to Choose the Right Apple Varieties for You

The Anatomy of a Grafted Apple Tree

Trees FAQ: Much Ado About Bare Root vs Potted Trees

Where to Sample Apples on the Farm & Beyond

What are Plant Patents?

Tree FAQ: Common Questions about Apples

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Planning & Planting:

5 Keys to Establishing an Organic Apple Orchard & 5 Common Mistakes to Avoid

6 Core Questions for Orchard Planning

Soil Testing for Trees & Orchards

Preparing in Summer & Fall for Spring Fruit Tree Planting

Caring for Bare Root Trees Upon Arrival

10 Steps for Planting a Fruit Tree

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Caring for Young Trees & Beyond:

Organic Approaches to Spongy Moths in the Orchard & Garden

Fruit Tree Care in Fall

Trunk Protectors: Little Actions that Make a Huge Difference

Apple Growing Resources We Love

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Meet Heron, Fruition’s Tree Mentor!

Meet the Crew: Heron Breen

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Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

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& the whole Fruition crew

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