Why We Love Enterprise Apple

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Enterprise Apple

semi-dwarf rootstock = mature height 10-12ft  | mid-season  | fresh eating, storage & sauce  | hardy to zone 4

Scrumptiously sweet and meltingly crisp with mild, nuanced acidity, squint your eyes through the vivid shine perhaps you’ll see and taste the McIntosh in Enterprise’s parentage. Deliciously resilient, Enterprise combines high resistance to scab, cedar-apple rust and fire blight, quite a combination! Enterprise also resists blooming early, easily avoiding late frosts. Hardy to zone 4, Enterprise stores up to six months with full flavor developing about one month into cold storage, the quintessential taste of winter’s arrival.

We are sharing Enterprise on Geneva 935 dwarfing rootstock, making it easier to pick, prune, and maintain than standard sized trees. Dwarfing trees are more precocious than standards, bearing fruit earlier in age.

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