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Questions As Winter Solstice Draws Near

Friends, we love @gendersauce and so appreciate these questions they share for this season:

In what ways are you slowing down to notice the natural rhythms of the world around you? 

As light fades, how do you celebrate the darkness?

800 x 400 organic heirloom kale

What systems are unsustainable? What ways of being must you release?

As nature sleeps, it dreams. What is being imagined in the heart of the world?

How can you release systems of dominance? We are all in the snow, in the cave, listening to the story, together.

The solstice is coming. What will you do, in the longest night?

Around a bonfire, we will share the last of the splendid Triumph apples (freshly harvested, below!) in our cellar & celebrate the apple trees thriving in the dark & cold. And dream of planting more in spring! 

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

image 7

& the whole Fruition crew

800 x 400 organic apple triumph 4
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