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7 Essentials of Seed Starting: an Infographic

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Many gardeners want to start seeds more successfully, so my friend Sal and I created a gorgeous infographic for you!

7 Essential Seed Starting Tips

  1. Resist starting everything at once
  2. Start seeds at the right time
  3. Soil Blocks are best
  4. Remove air gaps
  5. A heat mat changes everything
  6. Light = Life
  7. Healthy seedlings are short, stout & deep green!

Simple Solutions to 5 Common Mistakes

  1. Egg Cartons are great for…eggs!
  2. Sow 2-3 seeds in each soil block or cell.
  3. Bottom-watering is your new best friend!
  4. Acclimate your seedlings
  5. Everyone makes mistakes… & they make great opportunities to learn!
organic soil blocks fruition seeds

Where can i find…

…the LED grow light that we use? Hop over here!

…easy to use soil blockers to make gorgeous soil blocks? Hop over here!

…organic potting soil? Hop over here!

…a heat mat that will change my life? Hop over here!

And for our Seed Starting Kits (including the Ultimate Seed Starting Collection), head here!

What inspired us to make an infographic for you?

Dreaming of the season ahead, my dear friend Kc inspired me to make a list of the 7 essential things she needed to know to start seeds well…

…then I’m scheming to make supper with my dear friend Sal, whose illustrations are as vivid and whimsical as her gardens and stories. Eureka! Sal and I had SO much fun laughing and learning as we brought to life the 7 Essentials of Seed Starting through visual story.

Welcome to Sal’s Garden!

Questions for Sal:

Petra: Whose advice do you always listen to?

Sal: The sunset.

Petra: What is your biggest struggle in the garden?

Sal: Weeds! And soil type. Thank goodness the chipmunks plant the pumpkins.

Petra: What is your favorite vegetable?

Sal:  Zucchini! Is that technically a fruit, though? Then potato.

Petra: Has anyone ever saved your life?

Sal: Yes, literally and figuratively.

Petra: What flower do you grow every year?

Sal: Cosmos, sunflowers and zinnias, as many as possible!

Petra: Fun fact about yourself?

Sal: I am legally blind in my left eye.

Petra: What herb do you have growing closest to your kitchen?

Sal: I have a big pot with rosemary, thyme, lemon thyme, marjoram, sage, Genovese basil, nasturtiums and chives.

Find more of Sal’s remarkable work here

We hope you enjoy our infographic as much as we enjoyed making it!


Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

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& the whole Fruition crew

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