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When to Plant What? Timing is Everything.


We’ve officially made it through to the other side of the Persephone Period!

Enjoy my video for the full story!

Beyond Greek goddesses rejoicing, this means it’s almost time to start sowing seeds beyond onion, shallot & leek…

…but if you’re with us here in the Northeast, still hold back.

When you’re planting seeds, timing is everything.

So What’s Next?

Here is one chart from my book, Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease, that will help plan when to sow seeds direct in your garden this season:


Here is another chart from Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease, that will help plan when to start and transplant your seedlings this season:


Last week at the Philadelphia Flower Show, Stephanie asked if I would sign a printed copy of Rise & Shine.

My jaw fell quite wide.

Friends, I sometimes forget that more than offering seeds, and deeper than building skills, I am sharing inspiration. Confidence. Transformation. Gratitude. Abundance, in all forms.


Barbara Kingsolver doesn’t teach me to read. (Okay, she does!) Rather, she inspires me to put on the kettle, cozy into the corner of the couch and dive into my imagination, where I remember and become my best self once again. Through words. What a power. What a gift.

Sowing seed is such a gift.

I wrote Rise & Shine: Starting Seeds with Ease because my heart breaks each year, right about now, when my inbox begins to fill with the photos and stories of disheartened gardeners and their failing seedlings, crestfallen before the season’s even begun.

Like asking my Grandmother how to make cabbage rolls, so much heartache can be avoided by asking the people who live and breathe their passions to simply share them with you.

Find your copy here. It will cost you just a few packets of seed. With these seeds, these words, and your own explorations, may you reap what you sow and share it with those who need your gifts most.

(Stephanie, I know you will!)

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

image 7

and the Many Beings of Fruition

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