Sowing Onions! with Jenn Ward Community Q & Q

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If you’re looking for organic onion seed, you’ll always find them here along with the grow lights, heat mats and potting mix we love to surround you with abundance!

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A Checklist of Tools

to set you up for success:

Seeds (we share ours here)

Trays (top & bottom! we share trays in our Ultimate Seedling Success Kit as well as at our Garden Store)

Potting Mix (we share our organic potting mix options here & bring tub & warm water to moisten it)

Labels (yogurt containers totally count! a waterproof marker is an extra bonus)

Full-Spectrum LED lights (we share the lights we use here)

Optional & Optimal:

Heat Mat (we share our favorite heat mat here)

Take Notes! (our Across the Seasons perpetual calendar is dreamy for many seasons to come!)

And if you’re looking for the nitty gritty details, dive into our Onion Sowing & Growing Webinar as well as our Onion Growing Guide in Fruition’s free Growing Library.

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Also, isn’t Jenn Ward wonderful?!!

Enjoy her thoughtful blog as well as her presence on Instagram (@sunshinefarmny) as well as YouTube. Learn more about her Plantsteading Course and enjoy 20% off ~

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Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

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