Watering a Freshly Planted Tree

Water is Life!

Once the tree is planted, fully saturating the soil is critical. If you can plant just before rain, this is the dream!

Hose If your hose can reach, set it on drip until the soil is saturated. In our gravelly loam soil, it’s often about a half hour.

Buckets If your hose can’t reach, bring 1 to 2 buckets of water for each tree. This should be enough to fill the hole and saucer, then drain, and fill back up with water again.

800 x 400 organic bucket water
If you’re filling buckets, resist filling them to the top so cold water doesn’t slosh down your boots!

Daily watering is crucial until your first soaking rain. If drought hits in the first season, water daily until rain. Check for any air pockets around the trunk or tree ring each time the tree is watered and rejoice: Usually trees only need water in the first year of planting!

Fruition’s current online tree growing resources are focused on Apple Trees (and it is also true that Pears, Plums, Peaches, Apricots and Cherries require much the same site choice, planting, and basic care considerations!) On that note, we hope you'll enjoy Fruition's free full library of Growing Trees Resources. Also recommended are all books by the late Michael Phillips and the online resources at the New England Tree Fruit Management Guide. In the meantime, enjoy more Fruition tree growing resources:

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