Fruition’s Fencing

Fruition’s Fencing

Oh, Deer!

Always, first and foremost, a deer fence is the easiest way to assure yourself of an orchard for years and generations to come. Unfortunately, a high quality 8+ foot metal deer fence can be prohibitively expensive. A less expensive option is 8-foot tall plastic mesh black deer fencing hung tightly on posts. As a short-term deer exclusion technique, we can use metal livestock fencing or chicken wire to cage our trees until another option is ready for action. Keep in mind that cages will need to be placed high enough to prevent deer from reaching their heads over and in… and placed low enough, can keep out porcupines.

800 x 400 organic deer

Porcupine How could we not mention porcupine?! One sweet adorable porcupine can single handedly destroy an orchard in just one fine evening. If you don’t have a fence to exclude them, make sure your temporary cage is low enough to keep them out.

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