The Genius of Recycled Fabric Containers

Container gardening made easy!

We love these fabric containers for their durability, ease of handling and extraordinary capacity to grow abundant plants. Made of recycled bottles, they come in several sizes and colors to grow herbs, tomatoes, raspberries and everything in between. For heat-loving tomatoes, ginger, dahlias and zucchini, black containers will absorb more heat while the green containers are better for lettuces, carrots and other crops that don’t prefer the extra heat.

~ 10 Gallons | Set of 2 ~
bush and pole beans, dwarf tomatoes, peppers, peanuts, broccoli, bush cucumbers, eggplant, bush sunflowers, dwarf dahlias, culinary herbs, microgreens, calendula, dwarf marigolds, nasturtium.
Footprint: 16″ base X 11.5″ height.

~ 15 Gallons | Set of 2 ~
tomatoes, zucchini, ginger, winter squash, melons, cucumbers, potatoes, semi-dwarf and full-size dahlias, sunflowers, culinary herbs, microgreens, calendula, dwarf marigolds, nasturtium!
Footprint: 18″ base X 13.5″ height.

And did you see we share 6′ fabric raised beds, as well? They’re awesome & easy to use, you’ll enjoy them for years!