Flowers Easily Thriving in Containers

Nutrient deficiency and dry conditions cause stress in most plants which often triggers premature flowering. Yay, right? Here’s the thing: Although they may flower earlier, they won’t flower longer. So the trick with flowers in containers is to give them good (not the richest, and not nitrogen-rich, no extra compost, just good) soil, establish them well with consistent, early waterings and harvest them often once they flower so they’ll continue to blossom. 

Here are the easiest of

easy flowers to grow in
any container three gallons or more:


and here are:

Flowers that thrive in
containers at least five gallons or more:

Friends, I love container gardening! Snipping fresh herbs for supper, plucking edible flowers on my way out the door, the scent of tomatoes ripening out our window and the satisfaction of seeing them grow: Truly container gardening is its own art form and I cannot wait to hear what you learn in your adventures!