And If You Need A Silly Song…!

I met my dear friend Brian Dolphin singing worksongs with Bennet Konesni and Edith Gawler over a decade ago at a NOFA-NY conference.

Since then, we’ve sown a lot of seeds and sang a lot of songs, somehow managing to stay in touch and reveling in each other’s company when we can.

One night, just after supper, I received a text from Brian. He was traveling from Brooklyn to Toronto to record music, leaving later than anticipated…could he crash on our couch on his way? He arrived about 2 am. When the sun rose, we fried farm eggs, kale, potatoes and shared breakfast, then we sang this song!

Written by our friend Steve Shepsi Eaton a few years back, it’s a fabulous folk song that lends itself to making up lyrics in the garden (as you can see!), which I highly recommend : )