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Why We Love Sunflowers (& Slowing Down)

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My favorite moment of Evening Colors sunflower last summer was watching a family of song sparrows navigate their branches, foraging and feasting on the soft, invertebrate bodies of caterpillars also having lunch among the blossoms.

The mother (I confess a presumption) was only slightly larger than her children by July but her calm, exacting movements clearly demonstrated her honed skills, deftly capturing and whacking one insect after another as her protégés fumbled along after her. She would patiently offer her quarry to them, letting them squirm as their caterpillars squirmed, letting them learn, slowly, the quick grace of slipping an insect straight down a throat.

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I’m sure I did very important things that day.

Critical things, even.

That dance of life and death, of learning and becoming, those breathless moments among the blossoms: that is all I remember, all told.

What will I remember of this day?

Do good work, yes.

Also, slow down and look around.

Many are the gifts seeds bring to this world.

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

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& the whole Fruition crew

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