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We Never Thought We’d Do This (& Check Out Our New Packets!)

Update: Originally written in March 2020, we are no longer packing seeds in our Community Art Packets though we love to share them with folx who are saving their own seeds! Thanks again to all the artists who so vastly showed up for this moment and continue to make the world we dream of possible.

We never thought we’d do this. 

Tuck seeds in blank packets. 

And yet, six weeks ago, we saw the writing on the wall. As seed packets were flying off our shelves, we had plenty of seeds in our cooler to share — yet our packet supply was beginning to dwindle. We contacted our fabulous printer & though they’re still in operation, they’re functioning at a fraction of their capacity, with no timeline for us to anticipate receiving more packets. 

We were able to find blank packets as our hearts sank, deflated at the thought of sharing seeds. In. Blank. Packets. 

Ten seconds later my heart elated, realizing that this is the moment we inhabit: A blank slate, an open canvas, daunting & not at all what we ever would have wanted, yet the dawn of a new day. 

We always talk about making the world more beautiful, more just, more creative, more resourceful.

So here we are:

We’re paying artists, beloved friends, to create original art for our packets as we run out them to make the world more beautiful, more possible and more collaborative. 

Kathy Engel  | Watercolor | Naples, New York

Darryl Abraham | Pen & Ink | Naples, New York

Nancy Reed | Watercolor | Canandaigua, New York

Here’s a lovely view into the packet Sage and Brigitte created:

Friends, we don’t do this work alone & we continue to do our work with ever-wider circles of incredible humans, bringing Fruition to fruition in more & more marvelous ways than we ever could have imagined.

Fruitions Art Packets 1 1

Though most of our packets are still our classic packets you know and love, I hope you enjoy these new packets that are filling the gap!

And stay tuned, we’ve only just begun

Fruitions Art Packets
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