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Halloween Carols for All!

Many thanks to our dear friend Sal for sharing this gem of a song with us!

Here are the lyrics, abundantly able to adapt to whatever spooky situations may ensue:

Something’s yowling in the woods out there (2x)

Refrain: I’m not scared & I’m safe inside, I’m not scared but I think I’ll hide

Something’s scratching out on the back porch (2x)


Something’s crawling down the old chimney (2x)

I (hi, Petra here!) learned this song from a cassette (!) of children’s rounds which I wish I remembered the name of! It was a treasure trove of silly ditties & here are the lyrics to this one:

Have you seen the ghost of John?

Long white bones with no skin on….


Wouldn’t it be chilly with no skin on?

There was an old woman all skin and bones
She lived down by the old graveyard
One night she thought she’d take a walk
She walked down by the old graveyard

She saw the bones a-laying around
She went to the closet to get a broom
She opened the door and…


Spread the love!

Hope to sing with you here on the farm one day ~

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

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& the whole Fruition crew

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