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Murals are Coming to Fruition!

Just imagine the amazing mural about to be painted on these barns! 


And Friends, like everything we do, we’re doing it together… 

…and this is your cordial invitation!

Do you design murals? Know someone who does? Would you love to participate in a community mural painting?  

We have six walls we’d love to transform, honoring the relationships of seed, community and place — from the Devonian oceans to sovereign indigenous futures — and Friends, we’re making this together, for all of us, so don’t be shy!

Hop on over here for all the details. Share any questions and proposals with us by emailing anytime! We can’t wait to share the unfolding with you, Friends!

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

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and the Many Beings of Fruition


Thanks for growing with us in all the ways!