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Human Rights Violations in the FLX: #halftownmustgo (& What You Can Do)

Dear Local Fruition Family,

An immense human rights crisis exists right here in the Finger Lakes and Friends, now is a particularly potent moment to act together in solidarity, join us:

“None of us are free until all of us are free.” ~ Fannie Lou Hammer

In the spirit of growing our gardens, ourselves and a more just world, we’d love to share more about this crisis as well as ways each of us can make a difference.

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Can you imagine your community ‘leader’ doing this to your home because you actively honor your indigenous culture?

On August 3rd, this beloved Gayogo̱hó:nǫ (Cayuga Nation) elder’s home was bulldozed, in addition to a ceremonial space, by Clint Halftown. The US government actively enables Halftown, recognizing him as the leader of Cayuga Nation, though clan mothers and countless citizens of both Cayuga nation have clearly removed him from indigenous governance for nearly two decades. It’s time: Halftown Must Go.

This is not the first time citizen and ceremonial spaces have been bulldozed; indeed this is a pattern that is only intensifying. There’s so much more to share and understand, dive in here and know, though the devastation is deep and ongoing, there is so much you can do and so much more we can do together.

What Can You Do?

~ none of us can give everything, we all can give something ~

~ Ever and always, learn more & share what you are curious/concerned about with people you love.

~ If you have press connections, now is the time to connect them.

Sign the petition that Halftown Must Go here!

~ Call Schumer and Gillibrand’s offices now! And often. (We call every week.) Here is a script you can adapt for yourself and thanks for encouraging your community to join you in weekly calls:

Schumer’s DC office: 202-224-6542
Gillibrand’s DC office: 202-224-4451

“Hi, I’m a constituent/concerned citizen in [location/zip code], calling because I’m concerned about the escalating physical and cultural violence enacted by Clint Halftown that is emboldened by the US government. I want to know what Senator [Schumer/Gillibrand] is doing to recognize Cayuga Nation Sovereignty and finally honoring his clanmother’s demand that Clint Halftown no longer be recognized as Cayuga Nation’s federal representative. Numerous municipalities within the Senator’s constituency and across Cayuga homelands have passed resolutions and written letters about this issue. I understand that your staff has received copies. Can you tell me what actions the senator is planning to take and when, given the urgent timeline on this issue?”

Dollars are meaningful solidarity (even $5!): contribute to @SolidarityIthaca on venmo to support current & ongoing actions as well as here to support affected Gayogo̱hó:nǫ citizens.

 ~ For a few hours or a few days, join us in Seneca Falls when you’re able. Reply to this email or DM @halftownmustgo for details.

Spread the word: Forward this email; follow and share @halftownmustgo on social; talk to your friends, family & coworkers about this event, building community able to see & respond to the ongoing colonial violence in our community & in our world.

Whether in body or spirit, we all are so much more together:

Thank you for joining us, Friends!

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A Seed of Hope

On August 4th, the day after the bulldozer destruction, we were able to salvage a few things from their home, including the corn above. In the process, some fell on the ground…

…and as we lifted the kernels from the grass into salvaged pans, we were reminded of the genocidal Sullivan Campaign where George Washington ordered corn fields, orchards and entire villages to be burned across the Iroquois Six Nations Confederacy, destroying hundreds of thousands of bushels of corn, including some of the ancestors of this corn now in our hands.

Who is saving who in these times? What can we grow to learn the language of resilience? 

Despite systemic and ongoing oppression, corn has nourished our bodies, spirits and imaginations across countless generations, continuing to cultivate resilience in our communities and in our world. Surviving yet another attempt at cultural erasure, these kernels of corn live on to nourish the next generation and all to come:

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Do you see the heart of the clover leaf in the corn above?

Thanks for growing so much more than gardens, Friends!

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs in Solidarity,

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& the whole Fruition Crew


As the saying goes, the best time to plant an orchard was 40 years ago…

…and the best time to staunch so many forms of oppression on this continent was 400 years ago…

…and the second best time, for all of them, is now… 

“Change happens at the speed of trust; trust happens at the speed of relationship.” 

~ Reverend Jennifer Bailey

…thanks for being in relationship with us, Friends. Have no doubt we are changed by you, too.

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