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Grieving, Giving Thanks & An Unlikely Source of Hope

Despite our cultural imperative of gratitude on November 25th, how is grief showing up in your body? Your mind? Your spirit? Sending love to all the multitudes you hold & we’d love to share

An Unlikely Source of Hope:

Yesterday our dear friend Danielle reached out, wondering if we knew of any ways to tangibly be of service this week, as a means of recognizing and approaching healing from historical traumas perpetuated by the benign ‘celebration’ of Thanksgiving as a ‘family and food’ gathering.

Shout them out in the comments below! 

Along with your affirmations of solidarity!

We’re here on unceded Haudenosaunee lands, western New York, and whoever you are, wherever you are, let’s use this instrument of empire (welcome to our blog!) to build real relationships and accompany each other in truth-telling as abundant, transformative and resilient as our gardens.

Thank you for asking such profound and important questions, Danielle. We love you so!

And thank *you* for growing with us in all the ways you do ~

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

& the whole Fruition crew


Here are a few resources we love for engaging in Thanksgiving with more depth and integrity:

National Day of Mourning (United American Indians of New England)

What are Truthsgiving, Thanks-taking and Takesgiving? Sicagnu Lakota

Unlearning the History of Thanksgiving (Neftali Duran + I-Collective)

Don’t Trash Thanksgiving: Decolonize It (Zenobia Jeffries Warfield)


Share *your* insights & go-to (un)learnings in the comments below!

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