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Fruition in Country Gardens Magazine (& Our Donation Seed)

Friends! Country Gardens featured Fruition in their latest issue and it is gorgeous!

What I really want to share, though, is something my Mother taught me: You never know who you’re talking to, so be nice and be generous. Enjoy our video for the full story

And Friends, please do read the article, and the photographs are stunning, but my deepest wish is that we all might be a little more kind and a little more generous with our brief time together…

…and that we all might know that planting seeds is the most radical act of kindness and generosity there is. 

Here are some photos of the full article:


Fruition’s Donation Seed 

And Friends, did you know we donate thousands of packets each year to civic-minded organizations we love? We love to send you seed! Here’s how it works: We send 50 packets of assorted packets to extraordinary organizations; simply send us $10 to cover our shipping and handling and we’ll tuck them in the mail. Once it’s gone, it’s gone! Checks may be sent to 7921 Hickory Bottom Road in Naples, NY 14512. Now you know

Where does our donation seed come from?

Great question. We have dozens of retailers who source seed from us wholesale, largely garden centers and cooperative food markets. They either purchase our packets outright or with the option to return them for credit. Those that choose the latter return their seed and those packets we then donate to organizations we love. Though they haven’t been in ideal ‘seed bank’ storage all those months, they still germinate well above the national average and we are thrilled beyond words to share them with you. 

Doing this work together is why we wake each day!

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

image 7

& the whole Fruition crew



Can you imagine how many seeds lay latent in the soil beneath the snow? 


We love skiing in the Adirondack high peaks in winter….!