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A Year in the Dahlia Life

Friends, we love growing dahlias & we love sharing their blooms as well as organic tubers with you! While dahlias aren’t hard to grow, storing dahlia tubers successfully over the winter can be quite a challenge…

…so here are a series of videos from across the seasons here at Fruition, detailing a year in the dahlia life. Far from comprehensive, we hope they surround you with beauty and abundance for years if not generations to come!

Above all else, know we’re constantly experimenting, failing, learning new things and we’re honored to share it all with you ~

Starting your dahlias indoors will surround you with blooms a few weeks earlier! In a container just large enough to fit your horizontal tuber(s), cover each tuber in 1” of moist potting mix. Tubers breaking dormancy are prone to rot, so resist watering your tubers until a) they sprout or b) the potting mix around the tuber is fully dry. And then, patience: It can take several weeks for them to sprout, even in a warm place.

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