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A Prayer for December

We love imagining reindeer on rooftops & wise people following stars.

We love imagining lights in temples that just keep burning.

We love imagining unity, self-determination and collective responsibility, the gifts of diaspora remembered.

And always we love imagining the return of lengthening days as we sit with, as Joan Halifax says, the fruitful darkness.

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As we snuggle with dogs now sleeping after a long, quiet walk in the forest, here are a few more things we’re imagining:.

A world where there is more singing.

A world where everyone laughs more.

A world where every child is read to.

A world that celebrates with service as well as champagne.

A world where we all make time for more sunshine.

A world courageous enough to admit when we’re wrong.

A world brave enough to lead with love.

A world where we all sleep enough.

A world where we all eat enough.

A world ready to sow seeds, to grow seeds, to breed new seeds, knowing our gardens grow us more than we’ll ever grow them.

A world where even if we never sow a seed in our lives, we know we’re a part of a food system, a social system, an ecosystem, a living, breathing thing larger than ourselves that we might care for, as we’re cared for.

We’d love to imagine a world where Martin Luther King can have a dream and not be shot for it.

We’d love to imagine a world where we can meet discomfort with curiosity.

We’d love each child to have a tree to climb.

Thanks for imagining these things with us.

Together, we can believe a lot of things into being.

What is your one wild wish for this season of miracles?

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

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& the whole Fruition crew

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  1. I just had to revisit this loving message. Thank you for teaching us kindness…..Eileen

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