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A Merry December Medley + Carol on Your Doorstep

In honor of the many ways we celebrate the return of the light, here is a Merry December Medley for you!

And Friends, caroling on the doorsteps of both friends and strangers about town has always been one of our favorite ways to lean into the light, so here’s an untraditional song for you, written by our lovely friend Elisa Schissoli in the early days of the pandemic, never more relevant:

And it’s true, even amid the family & friend-filled holiday season, we spend much of our days outside greeting & giving thanks to our dear family & friends, the trees & birds, the boulders & stars, the wintergreen berries & bright red rosehips all around us.

Though we love to hike with a gaggle of humans laughing, these quiet moments of communion and connection, remembering that we are indeed inseparable from the world around us, is such a gift.

I’ll always be grateful for my brilliant mother, Shelley, who made countless scavenger hunts for my sister & I, whisking us out into the forest for hours at a time. Could we find a Blue Jay feather? A coyote footprint? Could we find a sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rock? A red oak acorn and a white? A salamander? A jaw bone?

May this scavenger hunt help you find so much more than just tracks in the snow!

solstice scavenger

If you’d love to see (and download!) all our scavenger hunts throughout the seasons, they’re tucked in Fruition’s Growing Library along with all our Growing Guides, eBooks, infographics and other such loveliness. All free! And beautifully organized! For us all! Always! Join us here ~

Happy Hunting, Friends!

Wishing you health, gentleness, curiosity & cozy in the cold 🧡

Happy Holidays!

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

image 7

& the whole Fruition crew


We’re deeply moved by the Inuit word “Qarrtsiluni’ we recently learned:

‘being together in the darkness, quietly, waiting for something creative or important to occur.’

800 x 400 organic snow winter dog 1


Thanks for accompanying us in the most trying as well as most abundant seasons, Friends 🧡


From all us here at Fruition Seeds,

Happy Holidays!

hero team

36 thoughts on “A Merry December Medley + Carol on Your Doorstep

  1. Thank you so much and have Very Merry Christmas!!!❤️🎅🏼❄️🎄💙
    Meghan and I send much Love!!!

    1. Thank you so much for sharing the Inuit word ‘Qarrtsiluni”. What a great word for a happening. Aren’t we all waiting together in the darkness quietly, waiting for something creative or important to occur?’

  2. Thank you for the holiday greetings. May you all have a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year.

  3. Super sweet, thank you for the serenade. Brightened my quarantined holidays in Southern sunny California.

  4. Hi Petra and Matt,
    I am soooo glad that I got to know in person! I have vollowed your reports of growth, expansion and doing good (and well, and ever better!) ever since. I wished that the trip to you up there in NY would not be so far…
    My heartfelt good wishes for you and your coworkers for a meaningful Christmas and a trip into a successful 2022 that will be a better one for all of us!
    Hanny, with long-distance hugs

    1. we love you too!

  5. Merry Christmas to everyone!
    Thanks for all you do to keep us well planted!
    Marie & Peggy

  6. Always love your clarinet serenades, the new song is fabulous! Will get me through this winter and the world! Just keep on singin’ and breathe!

  7. Happy Holidays. Embrace the weather, snow is poor man’s fertilizer, as they say! The clarinet solo was wonderful, bright and cheerful! Blessings, Deb in Connecticut

  8. Have a very, Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Abundant New Year!

  9. Taught my grandson (4-1/2 yrs old) your Halloween song, “something yowling in the woods”. He loves it, has memorized it word for word, and insists on singing it instead of Christmas songs! Thanks for all you do. Muchly appreciated. Wishing you and your team a lovely holiday season.

    Joan DeVries

  10. Very cool!!!

  11. love love loved this….. your songs and laughter and sincerity, and the new years wish for health, gentleness (oh how we need this right now), curiosity and cozy in the cold. It reminded me of my son(who is 45 now) saying when he was 5 “Lets cozy up mom” on a cold winters day (<: AND the Inuit word qarrtsiluni – FANTASTIC!
    A great BIG thank-you and wishing you many bursting seeds thru the ground in the coming year

  12. Petra…you’re an accomplished musician, also!

  13. So Beautiful! Thank you for making all seasons brighter! Everything about Fruition Seeds brings so much hope and joy to all our lives.

  14. Too cute! Love the music! Love the doggie chorus!
    Merry Christmas Happy Hanukkah, and thanks for all you do.

  15. Great job with the seasonal entertainments.

  16. Merry Christmas to you all! Loved the singing and clarinet solo! Never would of thought of some of those scavenger hunt items… so cool! I miss seeing you at the annual Phili show! I feel younger now that I saw your email!!! Thank you for that lift! Enjoy and wishing you a beautiful Christmas! Have a healthy Happy New Year🍏

  17. I absolutely loved the instrumental and Christmas carol ,really made a positive difference in my day . Thanks,Dennis

  18. Thank you for your gift of instrument & song. I love your many inspirational posts. Merry Christmas to you. 🎄🕊️☃️💕

  19. Blessings to you all! Thanks for sharing your gift! How beautiful! Have a peaceful and healthy 2022!

  20. Really enjoy your style…brand… not sure the word but it has me always clicking to see whats new. Happy Holidays!

  21. Many thanks for the clarinet recital, and uplifting melody. Wishing you, your family and friends all the best in 2022–huge wish.
    Suzanne Wood

  22. Very NICE!! Just love it!!! THANK YOU.

  23. Thank you for the wonderful joyful Christmas greetings!

  24. Merry Christmas Petra and family and your work family too. I felt that I wanted to let you know how much your blogs, singing, poetry and sheer joy has meant to me. I look forward to your uplifting emails and last but certainy not least your comprehensive gardening tips and information.

  25. I thank you all and, especially you Petra, for the immeasurable gifts of our emails, thoughts, garden hack and insights, your lovely gifts of generous and selfless sharing of your bounty and your garden team, and most of all to Digger for your beautiful words and poems that delights and inspire us.

    I would like to give you something in return, a Poem: Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and Peace to all!

    As we Wait!

    As we wait for the Snow to fall
    For the ground to rest
    Cover it all.
    The Moon ring shines brightly
    In the night,
    Foretelling the first snows flight.
    The Stars hold a wonder
    Oh so rare,
    as we look to the Star that
    Blessed our Earth with love and care.
    Winter nights are long
    And quiet
    Waiting for the dawn.
    Once it comes, under the snow
    Our Plants detained,
    With the promise of spring
    Silent they remain.
    This peace, oh peace
    Bring us
    rest and sleep,
    to spring forth again
    in the gardens we keep,
    as we wait.

    By Tammara M. Schriefer

  26. Thank you for always making my day! It is just a delight that you share your happiness with us! Happy Holidays!

  27. Merry Christmas Fruition Seeds!
    And Happy New Year!

  28. Petra and Matt and the rest of the staff at Fruitionseeds .
    Thank you for a lovely Christmas message, I have to say your very talented and have a blessed new year.
    All the best of health and happiness.
    Kevin Sullivan

  29. Merry Christmas to you and to everyone at Fruition Seeds! Thank you for the lovely Christmas music and greetings. And for sharing Elisa Schissoli’s song! It’s perfect. Wishing you all a healthy, peaceful and prosperous New Year!

  30. thank you very must, that was great,, You all have a Merry Christmas, and God Bless

  31. Enjoyed this musical treat! Merry Christmas to all of you at Fruition!
    TY for quality seeds and info on growing successfully!
    Kelly E- Pittsburgh Pa!

  32. That was wonderful! The musicianship and the caroling.
    Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to you and yours!

  33. Really enjoyed both of the videos. Thank you so much! I look forward to you as people in my inbox and life as much as I love your life’s work in sharing seeds and so much more.

  34. every blessing of abundance and joy to all of you at Fruition Seeds! Thank you for the ways all of you make the world a better place!

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