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A Favorite Moment of Tree Weekend

Thank you, Friends:

Thank you to everyone who travelled from near and far to receive trees is joyfully this weekend from our farm: such a gift to receive you here on this land and to share such abundance and possibility together.

Thank you to our collective ancestors, both plant and humxn, for growing in ever fruitful ways across the millennia, in times of peace and times of war, believing in a future worth tending despite the odds.

Thank you to the future generations of all species who may yet hold the impossible, heart-rending paradoxes of this living, dying planet and yet make choices rooted in courage, collective care, love and cherry trees.

Thank you endlessly to our incredible team and friends who volunteered to make this Tree Weekend an exquisite expression of community and care…

….and to our fellow creatives @baierthepotter@jmvceramics and @bristolbotanicalsny for gracing us all with their botanical genius and joy as well as Nat and Anneke of @dirtyfingernailsgardencamp for making such darling terrariums with so many smiling, wide-eyed kiddos.

Even as the rain fell on Saturday, people stood grinning among the trees and seeds, making friends and sharing stories, so vividly alive…

…and one of my favorite moments was when a humble, graceful humxn scooped up the final three pawpaws, smile so wide. As she began to walk away, she overheard another humxn walking toward the trees, sharing how she only needs 1 pawpaw, since one died last year, and how she hoped perhaps there was one left. Without a moment of hesitation, there was a pawpaw in her hand and Friends, these are the times we know:

To give is to receive.

Thank you for embodying this wisdom so deeply and daily for us, especially this last weekend.

Sow Seeds & Sing Songs,

Petra & the whole Fruition Crew


There is so much more to come, always, and so sincerely, let’s talk about the Naples Beauty Plum soon!

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