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Fruition’s Microgreens Time Lapse!

So many folx have been asking how to grow microgreens over the winter ahead, so let’s dive in! We’d love to set you up for success. So here are six keys to grow microgreens with ease:  #1: The Right Seeds 

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Tasting the Next Generation of Dulcinea Carrot

Between snow squalls, our friend Trevor (@larkinandtrevor) stopped by this week as we were making flavor selections for the next generation of our Dulcinea carrot and LOOK WHAT HE MADE! I especially can’t deal with how he captured the spirit

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When to Harvest & How to Cure Winter Squash

When do you harvest winter squash? And how do you cure it for the long winter ahead? It’s true, the skin color is tempting, though deceptive, because skin color often turns the color of maturity 4+ weeks before maturity is

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Grow Your Own Saffron!

So often, extraordinary things come from humble beginnings… …and saffron is no exception 🙂 We love to push the envelope of what we can grow here in Zone 5 and a few years back we decided to plant a few

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Saving Tomato Seed in Seven Easy Steps

Saving tomato seed is deceptively simple, Friends. Yes, you can simply separate each seed from the fruit, rinsing and drying them before tucking them in an envelope to sow next season.  But here’s the thing: That clear membrane surrounding each

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We Are All Plant Breeders Now

published in the Small Farms Journal, Winter 2019-2020   We Are All Plant Breeders Now Five approaches to adaptive seed stewardship   By Petra Page-Mann   They told you to order from the catalog. To plant in tilled soil. To

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My family and I are new to Northeast and everything has been massive transition for us over these last 2 years. This year we bought all of our seeds from fruition. We watched video after video to learn from your wisdom and experience. We all feel like we know you now and we are so grateful for what you do! Thanks for everything! We grew so much lovely food this year! We often laugh with joy about snippets of the videos that come back to us. “Peanuts have purple peduncles” is now a song in our family. Collin, Lindsay, Senya, and Juniper.

Collin, Lindsay, Senya, and Juniper
organic gardener in new hampshire

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