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hardy to zone 4 fresh eating & storage mid-season mature height 10-12ft

Trees ship mid-April or choose ‘local pickup’ at checkout for on-farm limited pickup on April 29/30

Semi-Dwarf Apple Tree. Brilliantly sweet and perfectly tart, gloriously juicy and easy to grow! Cordera hails from the lineage of Honeycrisp and an unnamed relative of Liberty, combining flavor and disease resistance for the ages. When we first savored Cordera in the fall of 2021, we fell in love with the bright fruit sweetness and rich aroma, the depth of flavor and the fabulous crunch. The bright rose and crimson skin shines with speckled yellow, straight out of a fairy tale.

If you’ve never heard of Cordera, you’re not alone — and not for long! We first tasted Cordera at Black Diamond Orchard, practically an apple’s throw (!) from Cornell, who we have to thank for cultivating this extraordinary new apple across many, many seasons. Formerly known as NY56, Cordera is the best of both worlds with flavors from Honeycrisp and resilience from Liberty, including resistance to apple scab and fire blight on Geneva 935 rootstock. Ideal for all who wish to spray less or not at all, Cordera also stores well into the winter and is hardy to zone 4.

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Note: Apple trees need to be purchased as a separate order from all other items like seeds, tools etc!

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Semi-Dwarf $1 Pickup only: Apr 27+28