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Organic Winter Greens Collection

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Winter Greens for the winter blues: enjoy fresh greens all winter long.
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These easy to grow varieties are sown in mid-Autumn in cold-frames, unheated greenhouses, and even in garden soil. Your first harvest will be in Fall as the snow flies and again throughout the Winter (if you're able to get under the snow). Finally, these will be the first greens you eat when the snows finally melt, offering several cuttings more before they go to seed in late spring.

This collection includes one packet of each: Winter Green mesclun mix, Red Russian kale, Butterflay spinach, Claytonia salad greens, and New York Corn Salad mache.

These are varieties ideally suited for Zones 4-6 with warmer climates enjoying even more harvest.

Planting details
We’ve selected each of these varieties for exceptional cold-hardiness here at our farm in the Finger Lakes in Zone 5a. We typically plant our overwintered greens mid-September. But because some autumns are earlier/longer/warmer than others, planting dates are a moving target. Young plants overwinter more successfully than mature plants. If you are able to protect your greens they will overwinter as larger plants and thus you'll eat more. Unheated greenhouses and coldframes offer excellent protection and also make winter harvest more convenient; leaf or straw mulch will afford you several degrees with much less investment, though you must dig through the snow for your winter salads. Gardens in climates warmer than ours will be able to plant several weeks earlier and harvest more greens over their winter! Don't be afraid to experiment, observe and push the envelope - these seeds have a great deal of genetic diversity and will readily adapt to the conditions they experience!

Also, the mesclun, kale, chervil, claytonia and mache will readily re-seed themselves to become a consistent supply of Fall-Winter-Spring greens for you for many years to come. They are important species in many permaculture landscapes, growing in partial shade and becoming more tenacious and abundant as the years go by. Their seeds are easy to save intentionally as well, so you’ll be able to spread their resilience around your garden and around your community!

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