Flourish Garden Club
Flourish Garden Club



Grow the garden of your dreams with:

⭐️ hundreds of exclusive, in-depth video tutorials, with more added weekly

⭐️ access to our Flourish forum with hundreds of members

⭐️ Q & A with me each month

⭐️ exclusive access to the entire Flourish archives, including tutorials with invaluable downloadable resources.

Flourish Garden Club is $8 a Month

⭐️ Gain instant access to the entire Flourish archive! Search for the content you're looking for and find what you need, from soil building to disease management, companion planting to recipes, and so much more.

⭐️ Each week you'll find exclusive tutorials and resources right in your inbox, taking the guesswork out of gardening.

⭐️ Our private Flourish forum on Facebook is an amazing community with hundreds of like-minded gardeners. Ask and answer questions, share successes and struggles. I hang out there all the time!

⭐️ Join our monthly live Q & A and enjoy access to the entire Q & A archives at your convenience.

⭐️ No strings attached - you can cancel your membership at any time.

Flourish FAQs

What is Flourish Garden Club?

Flourish is an online subscription membership, making organic gardening easier with hundreds of video tutorials and engaged, personal community.

How is Flourish delivered?

You'll find everything in the exclusive Flourish site once you log in! Access Flourish from your computer, tablet or phone. Each week I'll share my freshest tutorials and resources. Our exclusive Facebook forum is an incredible community, a place to ask and answer questions anytime, with direct access to the knowledge of hundreds of fellow Flourishers, as well as myself. Our monthly Q & A, as well as the entire archives, is always at your fingertips.

How do I pay for Flourish?

Once you join Flourish, use any credit card to pay $8 for the coming month. Each month you'll be charged the same, fixed rate.

What if I want to cancel my membership?

There is no risk in joining. If you decide Flourish isn't for you, you can cancel anytime, no hard feelings. Do this directly on the Flourish site or email me, petra@fruitionseeds.com.

How much time will Flourish require?

That is totally up to you! Flourish is not a course, its an extensive resource you have access to anywhere, anytime. If you're super busy one week or month, don't sweat it. The more you engage Flourish, the quicker you'll become an intuitive organic gardener and enjoy our community.

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