Organic Disease-Resistant Tomatoes

If you’re growing tomatoes in the Northeast, you’re likely growing tomato diseases, as well. Fruition shares four delectable varieties resistant to late blight and early blight as well as septoria leaf spot; several other varieties provide above-average resistance to late blight. From slicers to cherries and everything in between, Fruition is honored to share these organic seeds with disease-resistance as extraordinary as their flavor, including several that thrive in containers.

At Fruition, we sow tomatoes indoors two months before final frost in early April to harden off & transplant after final frost in late May. If you have a great seed starting set-up with a great grow-light and plenty of time to tend your seedlings, feel free to start your tomatoes earlier, just keep in mind that younger, unstressed transplants are almost always more fruitful than older, more stressed transplants.