Organic Kale

Nourishing us in all seasons, kale is easy to grow and exceptionally cold-tolerant. The diversity of kale is breathtaking from deep green to rich purple with massive, flat, curly or gorgeously feather-like leaves.

 At Fruition Seeds, our favorite kale is fall kale, her sweetness brought out by frost. Red Russian is our most cold-tolerant kale, Bear Necessities best for kale salads especially in summer and Dwarf Blue Vates is exceptionally abundant as well as compact, perfect for containers as well as small gardens.

Sow kale early spring through early fall either direct-sown or transplanted. Sow densely for baby kale greens for salad; sow 1 foot apart for full-size leaves.

 Fruition also helps our kale thrive by tucking floating row cover over hoops to protect our leaves from flea beetles as well as cabbage looper caterpillars, extending their harvest deep into cold weather, as well.